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The American Dream can take a generation to achieve

By November 9, 2019November 13th, 2019No Comments

Tonight I got an Uber ride from a fresh college graduate. We spent the drive discussing our backgrounds.

Turns out her dad lived the old fashion American dream. He worked his entire career in low wage labor roles. His hard work and perseverance paved the way for his daughter to attend and graduate from Northwestern University. At 23 years old she’s making almost $60,000/year in her day job while picking up Uber rides on her way home.

She asked for my card in hopes I could help her with career progression. When she reaches out I’m going to ask for an introduction to her dad.

We associate the American Dream with overnight success but the beneficiary is often the generation(s) that follow. Her father never got a break professionally and feels more like a number than a person while at work. As employers we complain about reliability in the hourly sector but how well do we know the people we’re unable to retain?

Rob McConnell

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