Universal Application

One secure online profile,
to apply to any opportunity

Speeds candidate hiring
Integrates our technology with your ATS/HRIS
Allows for 100% remote i9
Provides objective hiring data

Why use Universal Application

Your hourly work force needs a simple, secure and consistent way to apply. Using the UA allows candidates and employers exchange data digitally before, during and after hiring.

UA results in a seamless transition throughout the full lifecycle of placing candidates on jobs. Data driven solutions allow for accurate and efficient analysis and execution for both small and large scale HR opportunities.

Knowing employees tangible strengths and weaknesses, visualized by our patent pending deployability score and data dashboards, enables employers to take a data driven approach when placing staff on projects.

How does it work?

Don’t all system have online applications? Why use the Universal Application?

By accepting the UA from candidates you can digitally receive application, onboarding and ongoing information & documents directly into your ATS/HRIS. More importantly the UA is already integrated with our hardware solutions and the Remote Force Command Center software. Combined it gives you more control of the data and documents you can receive in real time. 

What can you do?

UA is seamlessly integrated with our Remote Force technology and can capture ID’s, documents, certifications, oral drug test results and more for direct review and transfer to your in-house systems.

Direct integration with you Application Tracking Systems (ATS) or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) ensures that up to date information is maintained at all times and you can leverage the benefits of each of your systems without duplication or out of sync data. UA is the glue that will enable a 360 degree experience for your workers and staff managing the operations.

Works with all employers
Digital Application Packet
Secure ID & Document Storage
One location for all your career related data

Why use a Universal Application

Tired of filling out the same form every time you change jobs? Hard to keep track of multiple applications and jobs? No seamless way to show off your past accomplishments? No light at the end of the tunnel? Universal Application can help address all these challenges and more. You are in full control of your information, who sees it and when it’s seen. Regardless of who your employer is, you can now take your profile with you for the rest of your career.

UA can make your life easier and it will help ensure you can continuously meet your goals, like higher pay, more consistency, or more flexibility, UA will help guide the path.

How does it work?

UA gives you full control of when and what type of information you provide. You enter your data once and then you can use it over and over again to apply for new opportunities. We will keep track of all the jobs you apply to as well as jobs you hold. Finally there is a career solution for the working class.

UA can then match you up with suitable opportunities and make the job application and onboarding process frictionless. As you continue to build your profile and experience, you will have multiple methods of working towards your goals, i.e. higher pay. Since all information is stored in one place and integrated with employers back end systems, a job application is as simple as one press of a button.

What can you do?

UA will show you which opportunities you are working on, which ones you can consider, and manage all the paperwork for you. Application data, ID’s, critical job certifications, and much more are all handled for you, giving you full control of everything revolving around your career.

If there are courses or other jobs in your area that may be beneficial to you, UA will be able to recommend them to you and get you a step closer to achieving your goals.