Remote Force

The best way to hire, manage,
and engage employees remotely

Remote Force enables you to hire, manage and engage with your staff from anywhere and remotely control the physical environment they occupy. 

Do you want to provide 24/7 support and improve employee engagement with just a fraction of the labor needed? Do you need frictionless onboarding including 100% compliant remote I9 process?

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Unmanned office

  • Control an entire office from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Stand-alone or as part of existing premise
  • Safer and more cost effective
  • Social distancing without losing the human touch


Smart lockers

  • Storage lockers you control remotely
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Limitless sizes and configurations
  • Distribute anything with the click of a button


Access Control

  • Live interaction anytime
  • Conduct interviews & Assessments
  • External & internal security control
  • Control facility access


Onsite management

  • Using kiosk & Smart lockers we create an unmanned office anywhere
  • Choose between self contained unmanned offices or any number of unmanned pods inside your premises
  • Conduct shift check-ins
  • 1st day employee audits


Interview, Assess & Hire

  • Live interaction anytime
  • Conduct interviews & Assessments
  • Capture critical documents in real time
  • Perform oral drug tests & store the certified results


Employee assistance

  • Extend your reach without being there
  • Route calls to relevant departments
  • Offer a full suite of support to your employees
  • Connect your telemedicine provider inside our technology
  • Offer medical assistance at any time
  • Reduce your workman comp claims
  • Help employees when they need it


Universal application

  • Integrates to your systems seamlessly
  • Connects physical document capture to the digital backend systems
  • Easy to capture relevant and up to date information
  • Everything you need in one place


Remote I-9

  • 100% USCIS compliant
  • Integrates to backend compliance systems
  • Remotely validate signing of I-9
  • Recorded & stored for review & audit purposes



  • Application Tracking Systems integration
  • Human Resources Information System integration
  • Integrates with
    • Bullhorn
    • eStaff
    • JobDiva
    • Ableteams
    • and many more

Tailor-made solutions

Unique answers to unique needs. Remote Force relies on a flexible and smart approach, combining hardware and software, creating the best solutions.

Every company is unique in it’s employee population, geographical footprint and human resource technology needs. We work with you to conform our technology to seamlessly integrate with all of these factors.

Maybe you need to open a remote office to support a client, or you have warehouses spread out over a large area that makes travel too time consuming. Remote Force can provide you employee touch points without breaking the bank.

Take the VR tour and see what a Remote Force office is like.  ⇒

One command center to manage it all

The engagement command center software allows you to seamlessly interact with candidates & employees in remote locations.  Live video instantly connects when interacting. You can use video, voice, or chat to connect with candidates & employees. IoT sensors can automatically alert you to someone’s presence and allow you to control all aspect of your remote locations.

Command Center

Why use Remote Force?

Support your staff from anywhere for anything
  • Connect employees directly to HR specialist for general or sensitive topics
  • Allow specific departments, like payroll, to provide expert help from anywhere
  • Use our Engagement kiosk with HD document scanner to collect information
  • Proctor employee assessments or interviews for promotion opportunities
  • Telemedicine: Remote Temperature Checks or see a nurse
Hire more staff, spend less money
  • Utilize your best recruiting staff to source candidates from anywhere
  • Application, I9 completion, run assessments, live interview, oral drug testing, and onboard from anywhere
  • Want to deploy directly to the site but they need a security badge and safety vest? No problem!
  • Fully integrated with your ATS/HRIS to protect existing processes and investment
Manage from anywhere
  • Manage your staff from a central location 24/7 for shift check-in & review
  • Workers tend to forget things, like their safety vests, but with our Smartlockers you can dispense any equipment
  • Employees always need help; 1st day orientation, payroll questions or even have a medical emergency.
  • Using the Universal Application you can insure process/vendor continuity and forced document compliance
Why are you giving away your profits?
  • Staffing RFP’s require onsite & near site support that can be extremely costly.
  • Reduce your operating cost by 55-80% through the use of our technology
  • Service more of the locations you win and increase your top line revenue
  • Fulfillment an issue? Utilize your best recruiters to secure the talent you need.